What is God? The scientific proof of God.

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What is God? The scientific proof of God.
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What is God? The scientific proof of God.

When the question asked what is God? Usually this is the answer given.

God cannot be seen by us but is present everywhere in everything at every moment. There is no where were God isn’t. He is smallest of the small and biggest among the big. God cannot be destroyed and he is indivisible.

Some of the ancient scriptures also define God as trinity. In Christians its The Father- The Son (Jesus) – The Holy Spirit, in Hinduism Brahma the creator – Vishnu – Shiva, many more religions talk about the three Gods. There are many scriptures that say God is an energy it has no specific shape.

That makes me think about an atom.

Scientifically if you ask a scientist “What is present in all things and its the smallest part and makes the biggest too,  the answer would be an atom cannot be seen but its present everywhere in everything and at every moment. Nothing exists without an atom particle. Everything contains an atom particle. Its the smallest part and also makes the biggest portion. An atom can’t be destroyed and is indivisible.

An atom is made up of 3 parts the protons, the neutrons and the electrons. The trinity factor, were protons are the positive energy the electrons are the negative energy and neutrons are the neutral energy. We also know that atom is basically an energy and has no particular shape.

The three Gods mentioned in the scriptures also are said to be the Creator a neutron, Proton the positive energy the son or Vishu and electrons the negative energy can be compared the Holy Spirit or Shiva.

So if someone asks “What is God?” The obvious answer to the scientific proof would be “Atom is God.” You see nothing exists without an atom.

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